Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Financial Katrina

This is a lecture given by Dr. David Harvey of the City University of New York on the global financial crisis we're currently embroiled in.

Harvey has been studying and teaching Marx's Kapital for roughly four decades (his lessons are actually available for free on his site) so his interpretation is definitely unorthodox but it's a very interesting perspective on how/why all of this is occurring and what it actually means for ordinary individuals.

And don't worry, he's not just spewing a bunch of academic Marxian jargon - it's all in the plain English of high finance, so it shouldn't be any less comprehensible than ROBTV or CNN's market coverage/investment advice.


This lecture was delivered on October 29 2008 at the panel discussion for The Disruption: Left Interpretations of the Financial Crisis at the CUNY Graduate Centre.

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