Friday, June 3, 2011

a rose by any other name

okay! so by now you've probably noticed that i have changed the name of the blog from one bad piece of wordplay to another (in the event anyone reads this blog (they don't)). the reason for the change is pretty simple; i want to turn this blog away from an overtly 'political' blog into one about things way more abstract and boring like the latest development in FREUDO-MARXIST THEORY as it applies to the lower churchill falls deal or whatever, and maybe about how I am going to try and build an intellectual reputation for myself by writing about 'weight discrimination' as an identity rights issue through a variety of critical conceptual lenses. i know, i'm excited too.

besides, political writing is always best done as part of a collective (1 organisational step below commune, obv.), and there were some very talented individuals i wanted to work with, so look out for us posting some ridiculous political interventions in the next little while.

c'est tout

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